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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Week 2 project

I have an upper respiratory infection :( I started medications yesterday and am feeling somewhat better. I plan on starting my week 2 project this evening! Which can is the cuff I found of Ravelry.

I know only a few people have found my blog so far, I'd love to hear any comments and suggestions you might have. I know a ramble at times, sorry about that. I'm new to this and want to be improving as I go. Please let me know what you find helpful and what you don't!

Dieting when you are sick is stinks, I'm trying to stick with the plan and just increase the carbs a little to help my body combat the infection. Exercise is not in the picture at the moment, which has me bummed because it was 56 degrees today and for January 10th in Indiana! I would have loved to get out and enjoy the sunshine and warmer temps. Oh well, there will be other days to enjoy I am sure. Have a great Crochet day!

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