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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Getting Back Into a Routine Stinks Sometimes!

I have a hard time getting back into a routine. Especially because I feel pulled in so many directions! I finished two flowers and have two more to go! I really wanted to get them all done last night, but I didn't and that's okay! I will finish the two today and start the next step in finishing it up. I feel like a scatter brain, so I'm going to write down a list of things to do today making sure that I plan for time to crochet. I'm hit and miss with lists, first I have to keep track of it (not easy for me) and then I feel the need to add anything not on the list I've done to it. So that makes me feel a little crazy. Routine is so important for my son and I think I'm either a little rebellious with my own or just so not naturally inclined to it that I just float along. I know I need to take control of this area of my life, it will help me be so much more disciplined in all of the other areas.

I'm currently making plans for leading Lysa Terkeurst's "Made to Crave" bible study starting in February. I'm really excited, I love the study and I need the accountability of a group. I'm enjoying "The Belly Fat Cure" but I struggle with the lack of fruit and veggies so I'll probably switch back to the 17-Day-Diet in a couple of weeks. I think The Belly Fat Cure is a great transition from all the holiday foods to more limited food choices, plus I think I'll enjoy my veggies and fruits even more!

I went to the grocery store yesterday. It was a depressing experience. Many of our staple foods had gone up in price. Am I the only one who feels frustrated that every time I go shopping I get less and less for my money? My husband makes a good income and we are barely getting by and we are to the point of having no lifestyle. We just cut our measly "dine-out" budget from $20 to nothing! We are seriously considering turning off our cable t.v. and just using netflix and the computer. The only thing left to cut that isn't a true necessity are our cell phones, but since we no longer have a home phone, and we really use our cells a lot, we currently consider them "necessary". We have a small amount of debt and want to get rid of it, but we just don't seem to be making any headway because the cost of everything from food to gas continues to rise. Sorry to vent so much. My working outside of the home isn't practical at this point of our lives with home-schooling. This is the "slow" time for clowning. We are trying to think of ways to generate more clown business, but aren't coming up with many new ones.

So this is why I need to make a little bit of time to relax and crocheting is a great way for me to do that! I'm excited to complete my first project this week, having this goal is helping me focus on relaxing and refreshing myself even if it's just a few minutes a day! Have a great Crochet day! Terri

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