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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Getting Started Again

This is the first time that I'm doing a project that uses the foundation stitch instead of a foundation chain. It's interesting, and I've been wondering if I'm doing it correctly. So I've started it a couple of times. I think I've got it down now. Pictured above are the materials I'm using. I looked for Caron Spa yarn, but couldn't find it. I didn't have time to keep looking for it so I went with Red Heart Soft in Seafoam. I bought 20 oz, the pattern calls for 19 oz, so I'm hoping I have enough since it's a different yarn. Since I've had to restart the foundation row, I don't have much progress to show. I'll post more pictures and updates as I make progress! Have a great Crochet day!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Changing the Rules.

I've spent some time thinking about my goal for the year. I like the idea of completing a project each week, but I'm finding that it's really not practical. As I was looking for projects for this month, I kept being drawn to larger projects. I've decided that I'll be flexible about the "week" issue. I'll still post and mix in smaller projects that can be accomplished in a week or do a larger project over a couple of weeks. The point of the goal wasn't to be rigid, it was to make me take a little time each day to focus on enjoying crocheting! So the project that I couldn't get "away" from that made me realize that it was time to adjust my thinking was this amazing jacket. I had seen one similar in a store, solid fabric but the same basic shape, and loved it. Unfortunately it was out of my price range. I love this one even better, I think I'm going to go look for a good deal on the yarn suggested, this is worth investing a little more in instead of digging through my stash, although, if I can't find a good deal I'll look at the stash again! So here's the link for Caron International Yarns, Lightweight Zen Jacket. I'm happy to say that I'll be making a size L/XL and hope that it drapes nicely as I lose more weight :)

Have a great Crochet day!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The week got away from me...

This week has completely and totally gotten away from me. It's Thursday already! I've been so busy figuring out this new meal plan and shopping for it etc. that I've only had time to clean the kitchen and get it all caught up. I started a Tunisian Crochet dishcloth over the weekend. Just the standard stitch. Nothing too exciting. I will post some projects tomorrow for the rest of March. Have a great Crochet day!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

March Already!

I'm working on planning March's projects. Now that the baby blanket is done I'm going to pick a few smaller projects. I've been seeing a lot of crocheted baskets on Pinterest, and I'm going to work on one for this week. I always need more baskets, especially in my kitchen.
I'm also going to start the Gene Smart anti-inflammatory diet this week. This new diet is restrictive in a few key ways, less protein and less COFFEE. As I was reading and working on Made to Crave bible study this week I was reading about foods being an issue when you don't want to give them up. Trust me when I say "6 ounces of coffee" is very restrictive to me! I'm trying to hold the coffee with an open hand to the Lord and not rebel. If this is what it takes to achieve my desired result then so be it. The good news is that I get to drink tea, lots of tea and I do enjoy tea, just not quite as much as I do coffee :) I've been doing a liberal amount of lean proteins so this is going to be an adjustment too.I'm trying to focus on all the things I get to enjoy eating and not focus on the things that I don't get to eat, or only get a little bit of. I will definitely need to spend time crocheting to distract myself the first few days.
Have a great Crochet day!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Finally Finished!

I am so happy to report that I am finished with the baby blanket! God was gracious to me and gave me ample time to crochet while waiting for appointments this week. I definitely needed to see the "silver lining" while waiting. I love the way the blanket turned out. As you can see in the pictures the answer of what edge was an easy one, I started to do the one in the pattern simply because I was at my appointment and didn't have access to the one I wanted try. While doing the first round of single-crochets I realized that I wasn't going to have enough yarn. I continued with the single-crochets and was able to complete the entire edge of the blanket. I considered buying more yarn, but that was a one-pound skein and I wouldn't need that much and just couldn't justify spending the money on it when I have a ton of yarn at home. When I sat back and looked at the blanket, I realized that I really liked the way it looked as it was and it didn't need more of an edge! I'm very excited to give it away. I'm also happy that it was such a conversation starter everywhere I took it. This pattern was an eye-catcher for many people. I love the way crocheting and knitting open doors for conversation! I loved the pattern, it was well written and easy to follow, have chose to crochet it in a solid color from a one-pound skein I had very little "finishing" to do just weaving in my start tail and end tail. I would like to try it with a color change at a future date.
On the diet front; I've been encouraged to look into anti-inflammatory diets. I'm currently reading "Gene Smart" by "Ski" Floyd Chilton. He co-authored Made to Crave the Action Plan and is very research based. My family is having the "ugh" response to another change in meal plans. I'm continuing with the bible study and loving it, finding myself at an appt and finished with the blanket, so I had time to read. Can you tell I spent a lot of time waiting! :) I'll keep you updated on meal plans. I'm struggling with inflammation in my body and I need to get it under control, I'm choosing to do as much naturally as I can, especially because many of the medications can adversely affect my weight!
Have a great Crochet day!