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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 1 & a Confession

Maybe it was because I didn't start the project until almost bedtime, but this one had a rough start. I think I was too tired to understand the directions! I started over this morning and figured out where I went wrong and now I love the pattern. Foggy brains shouldn't be trying to read new patterns. I completed two flowers. I'm hoping that I have enough of these two yarns to complete the project! I love the color combination and don't really want to add another color if I don't need to. That said, I won't go buy more yarn either. I've not trimmed up the tails yet. The pattern calls for light blocking before completing the scarf. I will do that when all the flowers are complete. So here are pictures of the two crocheted flowers. You can find the link to this pattern in yesterdays post. I have 6 more flowers to crochet, then the blocking and finishing. I'm going to set my goal to finish the crochet part today and tomorrow and be able to finish on Thursday and Friday. Here's the confession, although I've crochet for most of my life, I've NEVER blocked any of my pieces, I've never made anything that needed it. I can see by the crazy shapes of these flowers that it will be necessary and I'm actually looking forward to seeing how much of a difference this makes.
Today is my husband's last day off. Back to work tomorrow and his school starts next week. We are starting back on the homeschooling tomorrow too. So these will be the first big challenges to meeting my goal! I've also started "The Belly Fat Cure", after gaining 10 pounds (ouch!) over the holidays, we decided to jump right back in yesterday. I'm disappointed in myself, I didn't think I was eating that bad, but between relaxing on my food choices and not exercising it added up quick. So, I'm not going to beat myself up or have a pity party, I'm just going to buckle down and get back to it. I'm going to work-out, write lesson plans, cook, clean, bible study & crochet! I'm trying to focus on getting my house cleaned up, some what organized and get rid of some of the clutter. It's a real challenge, especially because no one in the house is "naturally organized" we all tend to set down things and think we'll get back to them later and never do. Add to that a teenager on the autism spectrum who wants to see everything at once and not put away! It's led to chaos and doesn't help any of our mental states. So, Here's to a New Year and prayerfully taking the little steps that will lead to big changes all around! Have a great crochet day!

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