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Monday, January 16, 2012

The Start of the Week 3 Project...

Hard to believe that we are half-way through January, time seems to fly by faster and faster as I get older! Here is the week 3 project. This is a pattern from One Crochet Day at a Time blog. Here are the materials I'm using: size J hook, Peaches & Creme 100% cotton yarn and a yarn from my stash that I don't think ever had a label on it. That's one of the downsides to bargain yarn shopping, many times those pesky sleeves come off, but it also gets you a great deal on the yarn!

Tomorrow I'll post pictures of my progress!

On another note all of my healthy eating is paying off! I've lost a few pounds and my doctor ordered bloodwork. For the first time in countless years I didn't hear one word about my cholesterol! My blood pressure was really good too! 40+ pounds ago I would have been getting into another debate about "trying" to fix these problems with diet and exercise and not start a prescription just yet.  Now that I'm not "trying" but I am doing it, it really reinforced how important it is to not get discouraged that the scales still aren't going down as fast as I'd like, but there are significant changes occurring in my overall health! That alone is worth it. I have to confess that I don't like still weighing over 200 pounds and I know I have a way to go, but this is a big encouragement to me. It also encouraged me that my husbands screening showed significant improvement too! I'm very thankful to God for all the resources he's guided me to in the last 9 months that have helped me along this journey. I'm excited to start leading another session of "Made to Crave" next month and to also re-start the 17-day-diet in the next few weeks. My husband's weightloss has stalled on "The Belly-Fat Cure" so if it doesn't start up again soon we will switch up. He really likes all the carbs on the B-F C! Have a great Crochet day!

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