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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Week 2 project started!

I got this week's project started last night. It went really well, which means the pattern was written extremely well if I could follow it while I wasn't feeling anywhere near 100%! I love well written patterns, I also enjoy the challenge of figuring out some of the less well written ones. You know the ones, the ones that assume you will do certain things without being told or over complicate things  I've found the same issues with sewing patterns, knitting patterns and other craft patterns, it's just a fact of life!
So here are my supplies:

 I chose this yarn from my stash. Patons Silk Bamboo. It is very soft and was the "light" number 3 that the directions called for. I love the softness but it does come with a caution,  it is almost like working with embroidery floss. See the picture below. This caused a few "snags" as I was crocheting.

The yarn split very easily and I had a few issues with not being able to pull the crochet hook through smoothly and having a strand or two stuck from a previous stitch in my current one. It wasn't a big deal, it just slowed me down more than I would like.

I was able to finish one cuff! Unfortunately it is too small for me! I am going to make two more and I think I'm going to add a row of the broomstick lace and a couple of the single crochet (sc) rows to get the size I need. Maybe losing a few more pounds will help ;) .

I'm on the road to recovery, still not 100% but working towards it. I'm really enjoying working toward my goal of completing one project a week. As a bonus, I'm trying to focus on it when the "mindless munchies" are trying to attack! Distraction is an amazing weapon in parenting and dieting!
Happy Crocheting!

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