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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 2

My husband just went back to work after an extra long weekend. I kinda hate to see it be over. We didn't get nearly as much accomplished as we had hoped, but that's okay. We did get some stuff done and we will maintain it. I have plans for organizing my kitchen and I plan to organize my yarn stash after that! Right now it's in bins and boxes and bags all over the place. When I began teaching crochet I chose to include the yarn for the girls for a small fee. I have soooo much yarn and it's already paid for so why not share it? This lead to going through some of the stash and pulling some of it out. Then it ended up all over the place. Not being naturally organized this lead to a mess, throw in teaching jewelry making and beads everywhere too. So that is going to change in 2012.

Okay back to day 2 on the Flower Power Scarf. I completed 2 more flowers and have most of a 3rd done. I'm excited, it is going much faster and easier with each repeat of the pattern. So today I'm to finish the 3rd one and I will have a total of 5 of 8 done. I also plan on doing at least 2 more if not the remaining 3. Since they all look the same I'm not going to post pictures until I get to the next step.

We had a rough evening last night. For the first time in a long time bedtime was a nightmare. I think this lead to poor sleep for all three of us! I'm going to exercise, go to the grocery store and then rest and crochet this afternoon, prayerfully that will help relieve some of the exhaustion I'm feeling at the moment. I was very encouraged, if not energized to get on the scales this morning and see that I've lost 3 pounds. Now, don't start on it being too fast. This was "fluff" fat that was water weight or in temporary storage and easier to lose. Plus it was probably some extra waste material hanging around that was removed due to the increase in fiber in my diet. Since I gained 10 pounds over the last few weeks, I'm hoping that those 10 come off pretty quickly. I just had a discussion with our son about his weight. This was a very difficult, I didn't want to discuss it with him because I know how those discussions impacted me at his age. It's hard enough to have these discussions with "typical" children, but a child on the autism spectrum may hear a totally different message than you intended. It went surprisingly well. It took a lot of prayer to bring it up, honestly I'd rather discuss sex that dieting with him! We just discussed some simple things to keep in mind, making better choices about what foods and how much of them to eat, not eating continually through out the day and moving/exercising every day. He was very receptive and he wanted to go on a "diet" I suggested that we wait and see if just thinking more carefully about what, when, how much etc. he eats wouldn't help, especially with exercising and still growing. He wanted to lose weight, and I suggested that our goal be not gaining any more until he's done growing. I also explained how difficult it's been for me and how much I wished I made these changes in my life sooner! He was excited, understanding and didn't seem to be "offended" by our discussion. I had visions of my Mom and I having these conversation where I'd end up in tears and only want to grab a half-gallon of ice cream and spoon. His pediatrician recommended a program here locally that involves a nutritionist and other specialist, I'm not sure if that is what we need or not. I have all the "how-to" information it's just instilling the "want-to" especially when yummy things are available that is the hard part. For me the "want-to" came from the bible study "Made to Crave" by Lysa Terkeurst. I'm excited to be preparing to lead this study again in February, I highly recommend it to anyone who is struggling with weight or other issues of priorities in our spiritual life and Christian walk!

Have a great Crochet day!

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