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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Oops, here's the start & progress of this weeks project!

I was so ready to start this new project that I forgot to take a picture of my supplies before I started. Here's the link for this weeks project.

I got started and I'm liking the project so far. I didn't have the correct size pin for the broomstick lace portion, but I used what I had. I may need to add a few more rows along the way because my broomstick lace isn't as big as in the original.. I chose my yarn from my stash and unfortunately it didn't have a label, but it is a standard weight acrylic. I won't be choosing any non-acrylics, I'm allergic to wool and alpaca so I've given up trying those fibers.
On another note, it's over 60 degrees in Southern Indiana and we have SUNSHINE!!! We went for a walk as part of our Homeschool day. I would have liked to have made it much longer, I need the exercise, but we have other things to do today! I woke up to a beautiful foggy sunny day and just had to take pictures.

Have a Great Crochet Day!

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