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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Change of Pace!

I really enjoy making baby blankets. There is something so special and welcoming a new little life with a handmade gift! I've made a lot of them over the years. I'm really excited to make another this week. Here's the thing, I can crochet the diagonal stitch pattern, practically in my sleep. Having this blog is encouraging me to change the pace and explore other options. I've tried other patterns in the past and always go back to my favorite. This time will be different, I'm going to make a different pattern! I've chosen one by Red Heart you can find it here: I'm actually using Caron One Pound in Azure blue. I'm going to change up the edging when I get to that point. I'm going to use this edge I found on Pinterest since it's for a boy and the shells just feel a little lacy to me. . I'll be posting my progress over the next few days. Have a great Crochet day!

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