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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A trip to Hobby Lobby

Went in to Hobby Lobby with a coupon in my pocket! I wasn't planning on buying yarn, I was actually looking for supplies to make a tea wreath for my Mother for Christmas. I bought all that I needed for the wreath. Then since I had a coupon that my son could use I wandered over the the yarn department...all that glorious yarn. I found a beautiful "I Love This Yarn" in Riverbank which is greens, blues and browns. I have a brown coat and a teal blue coat and was just struck with the need to make a scarf that will work for both! Now to find a fun pattern that is a little different from my other projects. I've been looking at broomstick lace patterns and want to include some of them in next years goal projects. I've enjoyed finding new sites and blogs on crocheting! My local Hobby Lobby had a sign looking for Instructors. I'm considering and praying about talking to them about teaching crocheting. I know someone who went to another retailer for classes and there were so many students that it was just a lecture. Thankfully she knows my Mom and my Mom had showed her the basics so she was able to keep up. Now she's doing amazing projects! I love seeing people come to enjoy their new found talents and skills. Well I'm off to look at patterns for a scarf to make with this yarn! I'll post tomorrow about what I've decided to do. Terri

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