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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas presents wrapped!

I've almost finished wrapping my Christmas gifts! Here are pictures and instructions for my Broomstick Lace inspired bows.
Materials needed:
Yarn of choice
size J crochet hook
large knitting needle (I used a US35) or dowel rod
Hot glue gun
scrap cardboard

Begin with a chain approximately 40 chains long. Loop the end over knitting needle or dowel rod.

insert crochet hook into next chain and pull up loop, slipping it over the knitting needle.
continue pulling through a loop on each chain until you get to the end.

Cut yarn about two inches from the end. Tie the two ends together. Carefully slip all of the loops off of the knitting needle.

Cut the last loop and knot it together. Your loops won't come unraveled at this point, but they can still be pulled through. So handle it carefully.
Cut the cardboard slightly larger than you want the finished size. Hot glue the loops to the cardboard along the "chain" at the bottom. You can either do a circle or a "ribbon candy" pattern (zig zag). Be sure to keep all of the loops upright and out of the glue.

Glue the ends under. Then trim the cardboard. Then tape or glue to your package.

I'd love to hear any comments or suggestions you have!

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