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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Changing Plans

I've been working on the scarf and I actually ended up finishing it. It's nothing like how I planned or how I'd started it. I ended up starting over and keeping it just in the shells and lace pattern. I also narrowed the pattern from what I had originally planned. I did a 4 shell pattern across instead of 5. The 5 repeat was making it to wide and I didn't think I'd have enough yarn from one skein to finish. It ended up being 7 inches wide and 66 inches long.  I'm happy with the end result and love having the freedom to change things when I'm not happy with how it's working out. If I had it to do over I might do some things differently, this wasn't the ideal yarn for this pattern, I like the yarn but wonder if there is a better way to use it. I also think that the shells and lace pattern gets a little lost in the striping of the yarn. I look forward to using this stitch pattern with another yarn in the future to see how it compares. I've not started my goal yet, but feel good to have already completed a project this week. We have a busy weekend ahead and I really need to get some cleaning done around here. Also, being off from school has our son out of his routine and I need to work at getting him back to it too. I may not be on here for a few days. Happy New Year and have a great day! Terri

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