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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Gift Giving

Tis the Season....every where I turn there is a reason for a gift exchange. I appreciate it when there is a set budget, but when that budget is $1 it makes it tough to give something that isn't entirely junk! When my son said he needed a $1 gift for his youth groups gift exchange I groaned. Then we went to Goodwill, it's not easy finding $1 items there anymore, but I found some little jars. I had made my own taco seasoning earlier in the day and thought it looked pretty cool, almost like sand art, before I mixed it. So I decided that I could do a seasoning mix and not mix it in each of the jars. Never one to be able to leave well enough alone I found a "Snowflake" crochet pattern and decided that my little jars would look even better with a snowflake on top! I have my camera and will take pictures of the completed project and post the recipe tomorrow!

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